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Postpartum Care

Mother and a Child

As your postpartum doula one of my goals is to nurture and care for you and your family.   I will give you warmth and understanding as you begin your new role into parenting.  It can sometimes be a little overwhelming and exhausting during this time.  You may find yourself in some unfamiliar territory and need some guidance.  I can provide you guidance through this time.  It is nice to have someone validate you and help you understand what is typically normal for newborns.  I can help you read different signs from your baby and show you ways to comfort your crying baby, swaddle your newborn, and set up some good sleep cues.  These are a few of the things that I can assist you in.  Additionally, I can care for the baby while you get some needed rest, as well as, lend a helping hand for light housework, baby laundry, and additional support to be defined by our one on one conversation.

As your doula, I provide non-medical support, emotional and physical support.  In this new adventure into parenthood, it can be very helpful to have an extra pair of hands and a listening ear.  Someone to provide you with warmth and understanding.  As a non judgmental doula, I can assist a in your birth recovery. As well as, provide some calmness in a sometimes stressful time.

Emotional Support

Traveling with your Newborn

Sometimes the need arrives that you may need to travel with your newborn.  Perhaps due to business, vacation, or relocation.  I am willing to travel with your family and support you and your newborn.  Terms can be negotiated between us as we work out the details.

I have traveled internationally and domestically with families and have enjoyed our adventures together.

Please let me know how best I may support you and your family during your travel needs.

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